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  • Jun 6th, 2009 @ 7:02pm

    You guys are nuts

    This study is just pure BS, and you guys who are buying something that you can soooo easily get for nothing, have got to be crazy. I don't know anyone, and believe me I have ALOT of friends, who has bought a readily available DVD in the last two years. I bought a couple of classic rare DVD's I've never seen at a horror convention, like "The Magnetic Monster", because I won't ever be able to find that online. But that is it! Why?? Why on earth would are you guys paying even a dollar for something you can easily get in the same crystal clear HD quality for FREE with a simple google search. At any of the ten thousand link sites, you can even watch the movie FREE first, and decide if it's good enough to spend precious time downloading the FREE HD version, to burn on a Blu-ray disc. So in just three simple clicks I can get anything I want FREE! And there are tens of thousands of sites that you can do it at. So why in the world would I spend my precious, hard earned cash on it? So that I can have a box and/or whatever little gimmick they are selling with the box. Please, That's just the most ridiculous thing ever.