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  • Oct 22nd, 2013 @ 4:32pm

    Be a good citizen or be harassed

    Air travel is essential to our modern lives - at least for everyone who is anyone of import. These TSA procedures are just one way to enforce being a good, model citizen.

    If you are a model citizen (and do not raise any red flags), then you can easily travel by air. If you are not a model citizen, then you will be harassed and your life will be more difficult. As a non-model citizen you will either have to put up with the harassment or not fly at all - limiting your effectiveness as a threat to the government in either case (conveniently providing a disincentive from becoming a non-model citizen).

    Being flagged as a non-model citizen may include: calling the wrong person; calling someone who calls the wrong person; including the wrong words in your emails; emailing someone who calls the wrong person; etc.

    But don't worry, because ordinary citizens have nothing to worry about. For those non-ordinary, non-model citizens, visiting family and conducting business will be a lot more difficult. Got it? Be a model citizen, okay?