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  • Jan 17th, 2012 @ 11:49am

    Re: Please don't Torrent over Tor

    Truth. Torrenting through Tor is a terrible idea. However, I think the whole "download Tor" bit is just so you can access the website, I doubt the operators of TPB aren't that clueless.

  • Jan 14th, 2012 @ 3:23pm

    Ya know...

    Harry Reid is either really terrible at his job as Senate Majority Leader, or secretly really good at looking incompetent while being a sly leader. HAHAHAHA who am I kidding?

    However, pushing for a cloture vote in the harsh light of all this "negative press" may be just what we need to kill PIPA. They need 61 votes for cloture, then it's a cooling period for a few days then a straight up or down vote. Then it goes to the house, or gets reconciled with SOPA... if they manage to pass that turd. Then it goes to the President, who, while not issuing a veto threat, has said that the DNS blocking provisions are crap.

    It could likely fail to get cloture. Even if the cloture vote succeeds, the bill could fail to pass. I say go for it. Better to force the up or down vote now, before an election, while the nerd rage is fresh and furious, rather than waiting for the distraction of the November election or the lame duck session afterwards.

    Maybe I'm too optimistic about this crap and have too much faith in Reid not really being an idiot and instead sly like a fox. Even if he is, it's still just all procedural BS and political gamesmanship in the Senate.