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  • Sep 18th, 2019 @ 10:32am

    It wasn't us- the marketing company did it

    I'm a little surprised Twitter didn't offer the usual non-apology: "We hired an outside marketing firm that went 'rogue' and over-stepped their bounds. We will look into what happened [but we'll never admit who was responsible for the idea]."

  • Sep 13th, 2019 @ 10:15am

    What if your channel is cut?

    Customers: We want everything a la carte!
    Customers again: Why are you removing my favorite channel and claiming no one watches it?

    This has been the issue since the beginning of this argument: what happens when the cable company thinks there's not a large enough market for your favorite channel? Do we really need 3 EPSN and 2 Golf channels? No.
    But supposed not enough people in your area watch the History Channel, but you love all those shows about bigfoot and aliens going to pawn shops. Well, sorry, that channel isn't making enough money so the cable company drops it. And since there's no competition, you can't watch it.
    Oh, sure, you could try the History Channel app, but it probably asks for your cable company before you can log in.

  • Sep 13th, 2019 @ 10:05am

    Not doing their job / don't pay them

    If people can't seem to be fired for viewing porn and they can't get into trouble for lying, is there any chance of at least not paying these people when they quit?
    They were hired to a job but if they're spending 50% or 98% of their day viewing porn, then they weren't doing their job so they shouldn't be paid.

  • Sep 12th, 2019 @ 10:51am

    Re: Re:

    "Send a letter/fax to the FTC AND your federal representatives explaining how this personally impacts you and how it impacts your confidence in the office of the FTC AND your federal representatives who have not held the FTC nor Equifax responsible for this."

    Not to sound cynical... okay, to sound cynical... but what good will this do? You're one person and collectively, maybe we're 1,000 or 10,000 people.
    Our voices don't come close to matching the millions of lobbying dollars that companies like Equifax throw at the government.

    Now, if someone in the FTC or Congress had their identity stolen by one of these data breaches and were personally affected, then it would become an issue.

  • Sep 5th, 2019 @ 10:16am

    Who's to blame?

    Do you blame the business analysts for not creating better documentation for the developers to follow?
    Do you blame the developers who coded the site?
    Do you blame the testers/ QA team for thinking this is acceptable quality?
    Do you blame the managers for not pushing the testers and developers for not doing a better job?
    Do you blame HR for not hiring better developers who will do a better job?

  • Sep 4th, 2019 @ 11:11am


    In all fairness, the bottles from Galaxy's Edge are plastic with the distinctive designs: red "Coke", gray "Diet Coke", and clear/ green "Sprite" . And as we all know, metal detectors and multi-million dollar scanners can't see through plastic.
    And even worse, the object has a logo in some foreign language, which probably means "blow up real good" in Arabic or Farsi or some other "evil" language, when it actually says "Coca-Cola" in Aurebesh, the made-up language from "Star Wars".

  • Aug 28th, 2019 @ 10:26am

    Re: Re:

    "Do pray tell, why should Trump get a pass for breaking the law just because Obama said something similar?"
    And that's an excellent point...
    Obama got away with it, so why can't Trump?
    Bush got away with it, so why can't Obama?
    Clinton got away with it, so why can't Bush?
    And Adams got away with it because Washington started it.

    So where does it stop? Do we let politicians get away with things forever because their predecessor did something similar? When do we stand up and say we're not going to take this kind of behavior any more?

  • Aug 26th, 2019 @ 10:20am

    Trump's response

    Trump's response... if he bothers to say anything:
    "Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have plenty of evidence and it's huge. The biggest evidence you've ever seen. Big evidence. In fact, it's right over here.
    Have you see what China is doing in the trade war? We need to build a wall to keep the brown people out of Texas or they'll make goods cheaper so I want American companies to stop using Chinese labor so Mexico will build the wall and help me buy Greenland because it's the best country for stopping immigration.
    Thank you"

  • Aug 26th, 2019 @ 10:17am


  • Aug 26th, 2019 @ 10:17am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    That's right- the issue comes down to what to do about Pence.
    So far, I don't believe he's done anything that could get him impeached... but no one wants him as president.
    But let's say Pelosi can start impeachment proceedings against Pence: the Republicans and the media would go nuts over the fact that a Democrat woman was trying to steal power from 2 Republican men!

    This is the same reason why Pelosi never started impeachment hearings against Bush and Cheney for their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: if it worked (which again, was probably a long shot), she'd become the first female president, but by a political process, not by getting elected.

  • Aug 20th, 2019 @ 10:08am


    So employees' purses, handbags, and cars are subject to searches, but there's no mention of Google Drive or DropBox or any other electronic storage?

  • Jul 31st, 2019 @ 10:21am

    Re: Free Peaches

    "Passing constitutional muster"? That's for the courts to decide. For now, bored, we-have-nothing-better-to-do politicians will pass "we have to do something!!!" bills just to make a name for themselves. They don't care if the bill is unconstitutional since no one else cares. Seriously- when was the last time you read about a court decision that ruled a law was unconstitutional? Okay, there are a few out there. But who was the original author of the bill? Did anyone go back to him or her and say "we told you it was unconstitutional when you wrote it!"
    And of course, how much time and money will be spend arguing this case in court?

    On the other hand, maybe everyone involved does know that the bill will never stand up, but look how much media coverage and attention he's getting!

  • Jul 23rd, 2019 @ 10:08am

    Teaching kids to lose their privacy

    I think the main lesson we're teaching kids is that they'll always be under constant surveillance. If kids learn to give up their privacy now, there will be far fewer protests over sites like Google and Facebook.
    I think within a generation (or two), it'll be considered almost deviant to not share your information. After all, privacy is for those old folks who weren't raised by monitoring devices.

  • Jul 19th, 2019 @ 10:55am

    This sounds like a conspiracy theorist denying the facts

    She says she's 19? She lied.
    Ask her family about her age. They said she was 19 so they lied to cover for her.
    Ask her school which has records that shows she was 19. They must have faked the records.
    Ask her previous employers who have government-issued documents to prove her age. You know those foreign government- they always falsify their records.
    "Bone age" shows she's around 19 years old. The scans lied: she's 15 with "old bone" syndrome.

    Or, you know, she really is 19.

  • Jul 19th, 2019 @ 10:20am

    They should invest in older shows

    This reminds me of investing in comics books when I was younger. I still remember a comic book shop owner telling me to invest my $50 in 1 or 2 older comics that already have a high value instead of spending it on 10 "hot" comics that came out this month.

    I think Netflix is having the same issue: they spend millions on Stranger Things or the latest "binge-able" show... which only has 13 episodes! This "binge" only takes one weekend!
    Yet that same millions of dollars could be spent on older shows with 6-7 seasons / 25-26 episodes per season, or about 200-250 episodes.

    The reason I signed up for Netflix years ago was because they had the complete series of tons of shows from 1980's and 1990's: The A-Team, Amazing Stories, Cheers, Family Ties, Frasier, G.I.Joe (cartoon), Knight Rider, Growing Pains, Robotech (cartoon), every Star Trek series including the animated one, Transformers (cartoon), and so on. They also had all the seasons of all the CSI shows, which my wife likes.
    But now, almost none of these are on Netflix, so I cancelled our subscription.

    However, the issue is that there are no older shows to invest in, since they all owned by other studios who want the content for themselves.

  • Jul 16th, 2019 @ 10:24am

    Re: Re: You can't touch the money

    So is Amazon a seller like Wal-Mart or more like a mall?
    If they're like Wal-Mart, can they be held responsible if a Playstation melts down? Or is this the responsibility of Sony, the manufacturer? Sure, Wal-Mart will give you a refund, can can you really sue Wal-Mart if the Playstation burned down your house?

    Or is Amazon like a mall, meaning you can't sue the mall for something you bought at a kiosk just because the kiosk moved to another mall. Is it different if you paid the mall to buy something at the kiosk? Maybe, but like above, shouldn't the manufacturer be the one to sue over a faulty item?

    How many times have physical stores like Sears, K-Mart, and Wal-Mart been sued because of a faulty product? Or is this case another example of someone going after whoever has the deepest pockets because they can't find the sellers or manufacturer?

  • Jul 12th, 2019 @ 10:36am

    Re: what am I not understanding?

    "Why does YouTube do more than CDA 230 requires anyway?"
    Because there's a clause in the DMCA that says sites can be liable if they don't take down the accused content within a specific amount of time. Because of this, most sites have a "take down on notice" policy where they take things down while the case is being investigated. The site doesn't care how the creator is affected because they're only worrying about whether the accuser will sue them if the content does actually happen to be stolen.

    Then there's the issue of major companies with big teams of lawyers filing claims versus small creators. If you were YouTube (or most sites), there's no choice- you do what the big teams of lawyers say, even if they may be wrong.

  • Jul 12th, 2019 @ 10:06am

    The goose that laid the golden egg

    This is yet another case of the goose that laid the golden egg.
    Netflix paid Warner $100 million to stream "Friends" for another year. That's a lot of money for an older show!
    But the Warner executives looked at that said "well if we can get $100 million from Netflix for just 'Friends', imagine how much money we could make if we kept it on our own service". Yet part of what made "Friends" worth is so much is because so many people 1) have Netflix and 2) use Netflix to watch it.
    Sorry, but I doubt a fraction of the Netflix audience will subscribe to Warner's service just to see "Friends". So now Warner loses $100 million and they don't get the subscriber base they're looking for.
    Great plan!

  • Jul 5th, 2019 @ 10:18am

    We have to do something

    When you mentioned the fact the a screaming drama student won't set off the detectors, it reminded me of this dialog from "The Naked Gun":
    Frank Drebin: When I see 3 guys in togas stabbing a man to death on front of 200 people, I had to do something.
    Police Commissioner: Frank, they were doing a production of Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" in Central Park.

    That scene was meant as comedy, but it seems like way too people want to "do something" to be "better safe than sorry"... including companies with near-worthless products that take advantage of people like this.

  • Jul 2nd, 2019 @ 10:28am

    We'll never have a 4 day workweek

    Two points to consider:

    1) When has any technology led to a 4 day work week? If 5G is as great as they claim, people will never stop working because they get such great coverage! Why go on a vacation when they can work anywhere, any place? Bosses will love this!

    2) Why doesn't the wider media push back on these claims instead of just pushing what Verizon and AT&T say? It's great that TechDirt is doing this, but critical articles need to spread beyond just the tech-savvy.

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