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Former venture capitalist, led SAP's anti-Oracle competitive strategy team, blogger, startup CEO. I am a proponent of disruption in the enterprise software business, fundamentally believe that SaaS is on a path to be a dominant delivery model for software to businesses, and write often about the blurring of the line between business and consumer software.

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  • Jun 26th, 2012 @ 9:17am

    Why is this surprising?

    The EU has a history of ignoring the democratic process in order to achieve the goals of the ruling class. At first they viewed direct democracy as unnecessary and ugly, an outdated convention that should be discarded in favor of technocrat intervention, now the bureaucrats in Brussels are admitting that they do not think much of politicians either...

  • Nov 14th, 2011 @ 3:06pm

    (untitled comment)

    My favorite quote in the attached article was:
    "A brawl ensued which at its height involved artists, vendors and police, who reportedly beat up the artistsí supporters. The protesters then moved on and had another brawl with more pirates at another location."

    It's right out of a Mel Brooks movie...

  • Sep 29th, 2009 @ 10:01pm

    Re: Deeper analysis

    you have provided a lot of data and quite honestly I'm too tired to attempt to rebut the excellent argument you are making. However, as I read that original source material it did seem to indicate that casualty rates did increase, it was that the correlation to camera enforcement, etc. could not be attributed as the cause of that, which I suspect is precisely what you are point out with your second to last paragraph.

    Similarly, the decline in fatalities with the number of accidents increasing could be attributed to new automobiles, with better safety devices, entering the fleet. I don't think Mike would, and I certainly would not, suggest that government mandated safety devices like seat belts and airbags don't save lives, the question is do traffic law enforcement devices. If they are sold on public safety grounds and they do not fulfill that goal then they should be discontinued, I believe.

    Lastly, while we know, statistically, that seat belts save lives, we also know from hard data that lengthening yellow light timing saves lives yet we don't see a rush to legislate increased yellow light times. Traffic cameras, on the other hand, do not reduce accidents, according to every piece of research I have been able to find, yet they do increase revenue and accordingly we see proliferation of these devices, and in some cases accompanied by a shortening of yellow light times.

  • Sep 29th, 2009 @ 1:52pm


    it's exceptionally disingenuous to suggest that traffic violations are equivalent to violent crime laws.

    Considering that many traffic laws are passed on the basis of proposed public safety improvements, when one of these laws is demonstrated to not achieve its intended goal (or make the condition worse in this case!) then yeah it should be repealed.