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  • Dec 21st, 2010 @ 8:16pm


    I was a somewhat dumb consumer suckered in by the flash. Getting home and learning there is no flash support teaches me some lessons. All that glitters is not gold. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. (Does that work?) In any case, its a cool machine, 11 hours battery, nice for watching video podcast when itunes remembers my settings...but can't watch many shows, videos, newscasts on it. No flash! Seriously, it's a downside. If you got one for Christmas, you are lucky. It's a decent item, but if you are out to buy one, consider the 512 RAM, the locked system, the corporate control of apps and music/video download, and that it has no flash.

    I would bet that this level of control on the part of Jobs is ruining the company. Really, I was very disapointed when it sunk in that youtube was like a partner to Apple and google is a partner to youtube. WHERE IS FREEDOM TO BE FOUND> How much control must these people have?

  • Dec 21st, 2010 @ 8:07pm

    MUST HAVE @)!2010

    The computer has become every bit as critical to basic needs as the telephone was in the past. There is a fine line between telephone communication and electronic via internet communication, email. Courts have ruled that internet structures in New Mexico are to be upgraded; they are every bit as equal as telephone communication in the fifties and beyond.These are public commodities. However, at this stage, the ability to send and recieve data is controlled by all private corporations, phone companies, ISP's and their laws or regulations are being written by the lawyers who work for them. See post this discussion. The computer when I bought it did not give me any warning that access to content would be changed by the whim of the CEO. I could care less that he has kids. I feel sorry for the man who fears his child will look through his aps while driving, 'cause he can't figure out how to eeither lock it, instruct the kid; hands off, or provide reasonable alternative entertainment for the kid. I use these devices for communication and that is my right how. In the long run, he will lose it all, I think, because people chose Apple in a sense that they were more freedome and simple oriented, ie, user friendly, user controlled. Now they are the status qou. Hurray and welcome to the free market system China and others. We welcome your products. We will not live in tyranny. The corporation that attempts to usurp the power of government, the people, is destined to fail. So, sorry. Your work and ideals will go on with others who share your original visions. Peace.