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  • YouTube Dusts Off Granular National Video Blocking To Assist YouTuber Feuding With Toei Animation

    edinjapan ( profile ), 02 Feb, 2022 @ 03:18am


    I think this may be a case where Toei decided to punish the impertinent Gaikokujin (smelly hairy foreigner) for giving them some bad reviews.

  • Retailers Are Blaming The Internet For A Retail Theft Surge That Might Not Be Happening; Media Is Helping Them Out

    edinjapan ( profile ), 29 Dec, 2021 @ 10:58am

    Heh heh heheh

    Dear Mr. Brick n Mortar Storeowner,

    Thank you for keeping me and my crew in business. Why just yesterday we hit your store and according to your police report did a million dollars worth of damage and stole 5 million dollars of merch. Wow! Exaggerate much? It makes my heart feel good seeing upright citizens such as yourself lying to the police just to make a quick buck.

    Sure, I admit we busted your window, broke you alarm system, smashed door to your storage room and stole a one hundred percent mohair rug, a lizardskin Barcalounger with Magic Fingers, a Garard Turntable with a Pickering Cartridge, Bogen Amplifier, Jensen Speakers, Revox Tape Recorder and a Stromberg-Carlson AM FM Tuner, a mint leather-bound collection of every playboy magazine, featuring the entire Playboy Philosophy by Hugh M. Heffner, a copy of The Whole Earth Catalogue, a first edition copy of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, The Trilogy of the Rings, all four volumes of the teachings of Don Juan and the fifth in manuscript, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran…autographed, the entire collection of Spiderman and Fantastic Four comic books – featuring Dr. Doom, some Zap comic books with the pages stuck together, extra-wide cigarette papers featuring the visage of a former vice president of the United States, some very suspicious looking Baggies full of weed and a great big Olympic sized thermally heated el mondo grosso waterbed with satin sheets, pink pillowcases and a fox fur bed spread, terrorized your customers, caused a Karen to have a stroke and frightened a pregnant woman so badly she gave birth to quintuplets.

    A guy has gotta put food on the table, ya know.

    But, seriously I have to thank you. It's really hard to rob an online store. Knocking over an operation like yours is a like a walk in the park.

    Best regards from the Smash and Grab Crew

  • Biden Administration Says There's Nothing Wrong With ICE Setting Up A Fake College To Dupe Foreign Students Out Of Their Money, Residency

    edinjapan ( profile ), 27 Mar, 2021 @ 07:15am

    Canadian Universities

    They would have been better off going to a Canadian university.At least then they would have been assured that the university or college was legit.

  • Good News: Academics Can Make Their Articles Published In Top Journal Nature Freely Available As Open Access. Bad News: They Must Pay $11,000 For Each One

    edinjapan ( profile ), 26 Nov, 2020 @ 12:54pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    I could... I worked in the industry for 20 years. But, I don't have the fame, noteriety and cachet attached to my name that Masnick has.

  • Good News: Academics Can Make Their Articles Published In Top Journal Nature Freely Available As Open Access. Bad News: They Must Pay $11,000 For Each One

    edinjapan ( profile ), 26 Nov, 2020 @ 03:54am


    There is a solution! Mike can get an Indiegogo or Kickstarter page up and create a competing publication that would force Nature to go out of business.

  • Japanese Academics Issue The Tamest 'Emergency' Statement Over Proposed Copyright Amendment

    edinjapan ( profile ), 22 Feb, 2019 @ 04:44am


    And in one fell swoop the government just made cosplay, dojinshi culture and the twice yearly big Comiket meet illegal.

  • Monster Energy Loses Trademark Opposition With Monsta Pizza In The UK

    edinjapan ( profile ), 31 Aug, 2018 @ 03:07am

    Re: Ownership

    Ask anyone on MonsterFishKeepers about that. See what they say.

  • California The Latest State To Propose Its Own Net Neutrality Rules

    edinjapan ( profile ), 06 Jan, 2018 @ 03:29am

    How long

    Is anybody taking book on when some genius will come up with an app that will allow its users to steal high speed bandwidth from their ISP?

  • Comcast's Push For A Shitty New Net Neutrality Law Begins In Earnest

    edinjapan ( profile ), 19 Dec, 2017 @ 06:14pm

    Changing narrative

    The real narrative here is 70% of the readers of this post will do nothing if Comcast et al increase their rates and throttle speeds substantially. Of course they'll complain but we all know that that does SFA. The other 30% will write apps and build tools to allow people to pirate faster speeds, higher bandwidth and break into walled internet gardens.

    Afterall didn't people such as John "Captain Crunch" Draper, Mark Bernay, Al Bernay, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs set a precedent for this sort of activity back in the day?

  • Sex Trafficking Expert: CDA 230 Helps Victims And SESTA Would Harm Trafficking Victims

    edinjapan ( profile ), 29 Aug, 2017 @ 06:03am

    Craigslist, now Backpage...

    And once Backpage is made unattractive to these people there will be a new site that they will gravitate to. That site will be shut down and another will spring up and then another and another and then a new site will open up whose owners are in some country that the US can't get into or influence and the traffickers will have won.

  • Titleist Tees Up Lawsuit Against Parody Clothier Because Golf Doesn't Have A Sense Of Humor

    edinjapan ( profile ), 28 Jul, 2017 @ 02:56am

    Location Location Location

    I know a country where this company could operate with impunity. No US court would be able to touch them.

  • Senators Burr & Feinstein Look To Bring Back Bill To Outlaw Real Encryption

    edinjapan ( profile ), 10 Sep, 2016 @ 07:41am

    Something you've forgotten

    The US forces companies to add backdoors to their products. Companies that can, flip the US the bird and leave the US taking their business elsewhere.
    Poverty ensues.

  • Judge Mocks Public Interest Concerns About Kicking People Off Internet, Tells Cox It's Not Protected By The DMCA

    edinjapan ( profile ), 21 Nov, 2015 @ 07:21pm

    Same old same old

    Blahblahblah blah..... Been reading the comments and 99% of you are saying the same thing.

    Here's are questions that should be considered and haven't.
    What happens if the judge rules in favour of Rightscorp?
    Does Rightscorp get the names and whatever else they are after?
    Does Rightscorp get injunctions to deny internet service to 1 million or more people based on their accusations?
    What happens if these people are fired/forced to resign etc because their job is done over the internet?
    What alternatives are there if you or others are denied access to the internet?

  • Verizon App Lets Non-Unionized Workers Record, Report Unionized Labor

    edinjapan ( profile ), 05 Aug, 2015 @ 06:54am

    Re: Line lines include fiber

    Does Verizon even have fiber installed? If they did then they should be offering the new 10Gbps service that NTT has just inaugurated here in Tokyo. I was checking Verizon's website and they're still offering services that died off 20yrs ago in Japan.

  • Over 1000 Japanese Citizens Band Together To Sue Their Government Over Participation In TPP

    edinjapan ( profile ), 16 May, 2015 @ 08:55pm

    JA aka Nokkyo behind lawsuit

    Japan Agriculture, which is a government agency is one of the groups behind the lawsuit. The TPP will break their monolithic hold over the agricultural industry (which is a closed shop) in Japan. JA has for half a century had a chokehold over the farmers in Japan, dictating what they grow, how they grow it and where, when and for how much they sell it. TPP is bad but, for the farmers may be the lesser of 2 evils.

    Another protected group is the pharmaceutical companies. Prices for over the counter drugs are 10 times more expensive than what the US consumer pays and prescription drugs, while subsidized by National Health Insurance are more costly than programs run by Britain, Canada, most European nations or the much reviled Obamacare. Again the TPP is the lesser evil in this case.

    Where the TPP will hurt Japan and most of the ASEAN countries is in the protection of intellectual properties.

    Japan is foundering under Abe's 3 Arrows, he's basically shot himself in the foot, in the ass and in the balls with his poorly managed economic strategies.

    Sure, the Yen dropped in value, the stockmarket rose and corporations were able to realize more actual profits but each of these policies were short term, didn't see more people being hired and saw more capital taking flight overseas.

    The last thing we need in Japan is a more aggressive military and a secret trade pact that will enrich the rich and powerful in the US and further cripple the Japanese economy.

    The rest of Asia, especially the PRC, Thailand, Vietnam, to a lesser extent Cambodia and Myanmar play fast and loose with copyright, trademarks, patents and such.

    Thailand has a thriving pharmaceutical and medical industry based on the use of new drugs and medical procedures that are still in the trial phases in the US and the rest of the developed world. China pirates and reverse engineers everything they can get their hands on and Vietnam is following their example.

    Singapore is a financial and intellectual powerhouse that doesn't need US or European intervention, interference or oversight and Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines while lagging behind the rest are doing much better than the much feted, loved and reviled US juggernaut.

    In short, Asia doesn't need the TPP but we do need a trade agreement that reflects our concerns and promotes the growing Asian potential to influence and grow the markets in a positive way.

  • Trademark Dispute Between Brewery And Winery Over Northstar Brand

    edinjapan ( profile ), 07 May, 2015 @ 09:25pm

    Sapporo Beer

    Sapporo Brewery of Japan already owns the trademark for Northstar and Polarstar Beer. Guess I'll write them a message about this and we'll see what their take on this will be. The uppity gaijin must pay through the nose.

  • FBI And United Airlines Shoot The Messenger After Security Researcher Discovers Vulnerabilities In Airplane Computer System

    edinjapan ( profile ), 27 Apr, 2015 @ 07:52am


    Common sense is in short supply these days.

    I wouldn't dare say that TSA is a joke, I'm too busy making sure necessary body parts, keys, cash etc are still on my person after they get finished groping me.

    FYI Alec Baldwin is an idiot, a rich, overly coddled idiot but still and idiot despite the fact that some of his movies are actually watchable.

    And the whitehat computer genius, if he was truly a genius he would have spoofed the tweet so it appeared to come from Ted Cruz's Twitter account.

  • FBI And United Airlines Shoot The Messenger After Security Researcher Discovers Vulnerabilities In Airplane Computer System

    edinjapan ( profile ), 27 Apr, 2015 @ 07:24am

    Re: Split System

    Way back when I worked for a large Canadian airline company the flight controls were all multiply redundant and firewalled to the nether regions.

    Back then Boeing made one of the safest planes ever.They don't now....

    Things change, the bean counters and not the flight crew or engineers have the last say these days, Boeing makes crappy, unsafe planes, it's suicidal to book a flight on Japan's national air carrier, the TSA and HLS consider it their duty to rob us blind and as botw mentions corners have been cut by the air carriers and manufacturers.

    It's a nasty world we live in.

  • FBI And United Airlines Shoot The Messenger After Security Researcher Discovers Vulnerabilities In Airplane Computer System

    edinjapan ( profile ), 26 Apr, 2015 @ 06:19am

    Re: Calm down

    Can you post the exact pages of the manual? I'd like to check your information.

  • FBI And United Airlines Shoot The Messenger After Security Researcher Discovers Vulnerabilities In Airplane Computer System

    edinjapan ( profile ), 25 Apr, 2015 @ 05:06pm

    Re: Re: Horribly, horribly misleading headline

    BTW the manual, in its entirety is online, searchable and gives detailed instructions on how to do this.

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