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  • Jul 3rd, 2010 @ 4:37am

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    I wonder what Terence Kealey would say about the trend analysis of top tier marginal and capital gain tax rates vs. economic growth? According to a number of economists these trends are presented as evidence that current top tier tax rates are lower than they should be to encourage economic growth. They point to the growth periods of the 40's-70's tied to top tax rates.

    The trend and thought process from this analysis might indicate that higher tax rates on wealthy parties tend to encourage private investment. Simplistically, private investment is presumably a tax shelter lowering the tax rate of the wealthy. And, it follows that some portion of private investment goes into scientific research and development of new products.

    I recognize that economics is often controversial, but this idea is interesting and relevant to Kealey's analysis.

  • Mar 28th, 2010 @ 5:27pm

    Bought Nimslo 3D camera stock

    Way back when... I was naive. I had a collection of stereoscopic anatomy/surgery photos from my grand-pa. The promise of 3D in games and movies (and porn!) is immersion. Despite the naysayers, Avatar accomplished this. It was subtle, to the point of forgetting it was in 3D until you walked outside after the movie. Then everything was less than Avatar.

    That said, of course everyone is going to get on whatever 3D curve may persist for some period of time. Why not make what money is to be made during this period. There is no guarantee that 3D will actually make it. It has tried so many times. It may persist in games. It may persist in some sports or nature shows. But public acceptance has been so fleeting in the past, even with good tech... and Avatar represents state of the art.

    If you get a headache, you represent part of the market that will not buy. If you convert a movie to 3D just to make more money... that will not do. Word of mouth is viral. I will not see Alice in 3D, it obviously was not meant for 3D!

    Produce content for 3D. Shoot 3D-HD sports and put me behind the quarterback... I will watch and buy the content. As for 3D blue ray? Well, I have yet to purchase a blue ray player despite the fact that it IS higher quality than my DVD player... and in many ways I AM an early adopter... that in itself should tell you that I want a significant (not marginal) increase in my viewing experience to make the jump. Does 3D do it? What will the market bear? Remains to be seen.