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  • Jun 8th, 2011 @ 8:48pm

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    everyone has their own opinions & view points on many topics, & i think it's great that we're able to express them. so without further adieu, here is mine. the music of this generation is completely asinine. every time i hear any of it, i swear to your god that my IQ drops at least 10 points. ALL of the songs sound the same; rhythm, topics, lyrics, singers, etc.,etc. actually, correction, there are no lyrics. 90% of the words in these songs consist of only a few little "phrases," if you will, which are, "ooh," "aah," "baby," "uh," & "yeah." well, you catch my drift. i can also condense down what the songs are about as well; a girl in love with a boy, a boy in love with a girl, a girl mad at her ex, a boy mad at his ex, or just singing about some other nonsensical crap that they just love to repeat as many times as they possibly can just to make their song last for at least 3 minutes, because they're not talented enough to come up with any other words that rhyme, because they're all ignorant, unimaginative, pathetic, piss ants who WHO SHOULD NOT BE FAMOUS! & what is worse, is that so many people are fans of these singers/bands & their bullshit music, & actually believe that these so-called "artists" are so original. [justin beiber, taylor swift, lady gaga, katy perry, nicki minaj, selena gomez, big time rush, rihanna, avril lavigne, bruno mars, adele, miley cyrus, kesha, maroon 5, vanessa hudgens, kelly clarkson. the list goes on & on...]

    hmm, well i feel better now that i got that off of my chest lol.