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10:44 Daily Deal: Microsoft Office Pro for Windows 2021 + HP EliteBook + Office Courses Bundle (0)
09:54 Senator Richard Blumenthal Is Mad At Google Again; This Time Because It Can't Magically Stop All Scam Ads (13)
06:29 Greek Intelligence Service Boss Resigns After Journalist, Opposition Party Member Targeted With Phone Malware (0)
15:56 Texas School District Decides To Just Ban All Books Flagged For Review... Including The Bible (114)
12:39 Judge Makes It Official: Retweets Are Not Endorsements -- But In A Strange Case (9)
10:45 FBI Director Chris Wray Still Won't Shut The Fuck Up (Or Be Honest) About Phone Encryption (24)
10:42 Daily Deal: The Complete 2022 Python Programmer Bundle (2)
09:28 UK Columnist: Because Salman Rushdie Got Stabbed, We Should Regulate Online Speech, Get Rid Of Anonymity, And Hold Social Media Responsible (136)
06:22 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Dips, Again (3)
20:15 DOJ Charges Officers For No Knock Warrant Lies That Led To The Killing Of Breonna Taylor (78)
15:33 Oprah Sues Podcast About Oprah For Branding That Includes Oprah Trademarks (13)
13:38 Just Because The Espionage Act Has Been Abused For Political Purposes, It Does Not Mean The Trump Case Is Politically Motivated (189)
12:06 Devin Nunes Claims The Right To An 'Unimpaired Reputation' Is A 'Sacred Right'; Oh And Also Needs To Cough Up Info On How He Got Hired (45)
10:47 US Cable Giant Charter Hit With $7 Billion Verdict After Tech Kills 83-Year-Old Customer (15)
10:42 Daily Deal: HP EliteBook 840G4 Touchscreen Windows 10 Pro (Refurbished) (0)
09:31 Secret Service Wiped Jan. 6 Insurrection Texts And The DHS Inspector General Helped Cover It Up (22)
05:25 Eve 6 Lead Singer: 'Owning Media Is Now An Act Of Countercultural Defiance' (58)
20:24 Illinois Department Of Corrections Benchslapped For Spending Years Failing To Improve Medical Care For Prisoners (14)
13:56 NSO Group Finally Figures Out How Many European Countries It Does Business With (4)
10:45 Ring Partners With Cop Reality Show Producer To Produce New Third-Party Generated Clip Show (19)
10:41 FCC Officially Rejects Ajit Pai's Boondoggle To Supply Elon Musk With Nearly A Billion Dollars In Subsidies (33)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Learn to Code for Free Course (0)
09:35 Dude Who Keeps Suing To Try To Get His AI To Get A Patent Or Copyright Loses Again: Appeals Court Once Again Says No (13)
06:29 Rampant Data Broker Sale Of Pregnancy Data Gets Fresh Scrutiny Post Roe (121)
12:00 Funniest/Most Inisghtful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (2)
13:00 This Week In Techdirt History: August 7th - 13th (1)
19:39 Twitch Flags Let's Play Of 'Project Zomboid' Over Copyright Of Police Siren (18)
15:45 Leaked NSO Group Presentation Details Malware's Ability To Turn On Cameras, Mics To Surveil Targets (4)
13:45 California Legislature Kills Ridiculous 'Social Media Addiction' Bill, But Allows Other Bad Bills To Move Forward (14)
12:09 Data Privacy Matters: Facebook Expands Encryption Just After Facebook Messages (Obtained Via Search Warrant) Used To Charge Teen For Abortion (11)
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