stories filed under: "vatican"

Too Much Free Time

by Timothy Geigner

Filed Under:
piracy, vatican, video games

(Mis)Uses of Technology

by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
pope, pope benedict, tweets, vatican


by Blaise Alleyne

Filed Under:
copyright, vatican


by Mike Masnick

Filed Under:
copyright, pope, vatican

Too Much Free Time

by Carlo Longino

Filed Under:
religion, tlds, vatican

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06:20 Judge Calls Bluffs On Encryption Debate; Asks Apple To Explain Why Unlocking A Phone Is 'Unduly Burdensome' (29)
04:21 Just About Everything About Twitter Suspending Deadspin And SBNation Accounts Is Ridiculous (56)


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18:22 Defendants Counter Government's Arguments That Appeals Court Should Treat Cellphones As 'Personal Homing Beacons' (6)
17:00 DailyDirt: Potato, Po-tah-to... Azodicarbonamide (12)
15:28 Minnesota Law Enforcement's Request To Treat All Body Camera Footage As 'Classified' Rejected By State Administrator (3)
14:04 Kickstarter Refuses To Settle Or Be Silenced Over Ridiculous 'Teledildonics' Patent Lawsuit (13)
12:48 Appeals Court Doesn't Think Putting Historical Figures In Video Games Is Free Speech (40)
11:39 Why Do Senators Keep Lying About What CISA Would Be Used For? (22)
10:36 Inglewood Told To Pay $118k Of Taxpayer Money For Abusing Copyright Law To Silence A Critic (28)
10:31 Daily Deal: Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell (5)
09:33 Mother Jones Wins Ridiculous SLAPP Suit Filed By Billionaire... Who Still Claims Victory (26)
08:13 White House Takes The Cowardly Option: Refuses To Say No To Encryption Backdoors, Will Quietly Ask Companies (36)
06:17 Bobby Jindal Announces Violent Games/Movies To Blame For All Those Mass Shootings (65)
03:19 Important California Privacy Bill Signed Into Law: Police Need A Warrant To Look At Your Data (18)


23:16 Flour City Pasta Goes Trademark On All The Other Flour City Food Companies Until Backlash Ensues (12)
17:00 DailyDirt: Which College Is The Best? (8)
15:35 Locked Out Of The Sixth Amendment By Proprietary Forensic Software (90)
14:17 Once More: The TPP Agreement Is Not A Free Trade Agreement, It's A Protectionist Anti-Free Trade Agreement (53)
13:00 Techdirt Reading List: Learning By Doing (5)
11:56 Appeals Court: No You Can't Copyright Yoga (16)
10:49 No, Making Fun Of Donald Trump's Stupid Red Hat Isn't Trademark Infringement (33)
10:44 Daily Deal: SKEYE Pico Drone (7)
09:46 The Coming Collision Between EU Privacy Regulation And American Free Speech (53)
08:47 NBC's Ingenious Solution To Ad Skipping And Low Ratings: More Embarrassingly Unfunny Product Placement (53)
07:00 The Right Way To Stop Piracy (77)
05:09 Purdue University Completely Freaks Out Because Bart Gellman's Speech Shows Classified Snowden Docs Already Seen By Millions (28)
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