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20:00 Fifth Circuit Affirms Springboards To Education's Loss Against Houston School In Trademark Case Appeal (12)
14:11 Appeals Court Overturns 47-Year-Old Murder Conviction Predicated On Faulty FBI Hair Analysis Evidence (25)
12:05 PACER, Or Your First Amendment Right To Go Fuck Yourself For $0.10/Page (28)
10:44 Illinois Appeals Court Says Fifth Amendment Protections Apply To Cellphone Passwords (12)
10:39 Daily Deal: Call Control Premium (1)
09:38 EU Internet Companies Warn EU Parliament Not To Vote For Articles 11 & 13; Say They'll Hand The Internet To Google (85)
06:16 Slow Broadband, Usage Caps Could Mar Google Stadia's Game Streaming Ambitions (24)
00:13 Tell The EU Not To Wreck The Internet (269)


20:02 Unknown Nintendo Game Gets Digitized With Museum's Help, Showing The Importance Of Copyright Exceptions (31)
15:37 Using Networks To Govern Network Problems (16)
13:30 California Becomes 20th State To Push 'Right to Repair' Legislation (29)
11:59 Washington Prison Management Software Setting People Free Too Early, Keeping Other People Locked Up Too Long (19)
10:44 @DevinCow Now Has More Twitter Followers Than Devin Nunes (64)
10:39 Daily Deal: The Foundational Cisco CCNA Security Bundle (0)
09:32 Federal Judge Tosses Cops' Lawsuit Against A Councilmember Who Said The Police Dept. Had Committed Murder (13)
06:34 Terrified Of The Internet, Putin Signs Laws Making It Illegal To Criticize Government Leaders Online (34)
03:27 Florida College Asked Local Sheriff To Declare Faculty Member's Artwork Obscene (54)


19:32 Internet Blackout Coming To Show The EU Parliament It's Not Just 'Bots' Concerned About Article 13 (162)
15:33 Report: In Bollywood, Movie Piracy Is Largely Carried Out By Rival Publishing Houses (53)
13:30 Techdirt Podcast Episode 204: The Failure Of High Tech Policing (6)
12:01 Officer's Body Cam Fails To Capture Footage Of Woman Shooting Herself In The Head While Her Hands Were Cuffed Behind Her (105)
10:44 Rep. Devin Nunes Sues Internet Cow For Saying Mean Things About Him Online (105)
10:39 Daily Deal: TREBLAB Z2 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones (0)
09:30 ICE Officers Forging Signatures, Deploying Pre-Signed Warrants To Detain Immigrants (23)
06:25 US Huawei Blackballing Efforts Stall Due To Lack Of 'Actual Facts' (39)
03:21 As Recording Industry Announces Massive Growth, Why Do We Need Article 13 Again? (111)


20:01 Monster Energy Loses Trademark Opposition As UK IPO Mentions That The Letter 'M' Isn't Distinctive (10)
15:32 Federal Court Blocks Washington State's Unconstitutional Cyberstalking Law (12)
13:35 Apple Objects To Norway Political Party's Logo Claiming Potential Customer Confusion Over Trademark (20)
11:59 ICE Has Access To ALPR Databases, Bypasses Internal Restrictions By Outsourcing Searches To Local Cops (9)
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