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15:34 Appeals Court Reinstates Injunction Blocking Federal Agents From Assaulting Portland Journalists (19)
13:44 Congress, With Nothing Important On Its Hands, Seeks To Rush Through Nomination Of Anti-230 FCC Commissioner (20)
12:07 Law Enforcement Agencies That Acquire Military Gear Are More Likely To Kill People (17)
10:46 It's Opposite Day At The FCC: Rejects All Its Own Legal Arguments Against Net Neutrality To Claim It Can Be The Internet Speech Police (13)
10:41 Daily Deal: The Complete DevOps Courses And Practice Tests Bundle (0)
09:38 Trumpist Republicans Latest Freakout A Total Self-Own, As They Reveal They Don't Read What They Tweet (51)
06:31 Cuomo's NY Broadband Pledge Under Audit After Coming Up Short (8)
03:25 Bill Barr's Speech To Law Enforcement Officials Is Full Of The Sort Of Lies Cops Love To Hear (56)


19:48 Stupid Use Of Profanity Filter Makes A Mess Of Virtual Paleontologist Conference (31)
15:28 Content Moderation Case Study: Handling Trolls Invading A Community (1993) (17)
13:31 Jeffrey Toobin's Zoom Dick Incident Is The Perfect Example Of Why We Need Section 230 (58)
12:00 Our Latest Techdirt Greenhouse Panel: Broadband In The Age Of Covid (1)
10:46 Supporters Of Using Antitrust Against Big Tech Should Be Very Disappointed In How Weak The DOJ's Case Is (31)
10:41 Daily Deal: Personal Productivity Masterclass (0)
09:31 Trademark Genericide And One Big Way The DOJ Admits That Its Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Is Utter Garbage (35)
06:32 FCC Too Afraid To Go On Record To Truly Support Trump's Dumb Attack On Social Media (10)
03:28 Federal Officers Are Still Struggling To Find Evidence Of A Massive Antifa Conspiracy (39)


19:39 Nintendo Nukes 'Zelda' Fan Game, As Per Usual (27)
15:39 Watch Out: The Patent Maximalists Are On The Warpath To Destroy Innovation And Empower Patent Trolls (75)
13:45 Techdirt Podcast Episode 259: A New Model For Independent Journalism, With Casey Newton (1)
12:23 Bill Barr's Google 'Antitrust Inquiry' Is A Weaponized Farce (125)
10:48 Cambridge Analytica's Crime Was Not Violating Your Privacy Or Taking Data From Facebook, It Was A Massive Campaign Finance Scam (11)
10:43 Daily Deal: 3ft Magnetic FidgetCable (0)
09:37 Section 230 Basics: There Is No Such Thing As A Publisher-Or-Platform Distinction (42)
06:30 Employees Say Foxconn & Donald Trump's Wisconsin Factory Scam Was An Absurdist Hellscape (31)
03:29 Five Bar Owners Arrested In France For Not Logging Internet Use By Patrons Using Bars' WiFi Connections (27)


20:27 Judge Shuts Down Vallejo PD's Illegally-Obtained Stingray (8)
15:48 COVID-19 Is Driving The Uptake Of Chess -- And Of Surveillance Tools To Stop Online Players Cheating (16)
13:43 San Diego Cops Who Abused Old 'Seditious Language' Law To Ticket Residents Also Engaged In Other Misconduct (6)
12:07 Facebook Is So 'Biased Against Conservatives' That Mark Zuckerberg Personally Agreed To Diminish The Reach Of 'Left-Leaning' Sites (71)
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