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15:34 Thanks To ISP Bahnhof, We Know Just How Crazy Copyright Trolling In Sweden Is Getting (49)
13:29 Surprise: Bill Introduced To Finally Make PACER Free To All (21)
11:57 Federal Court Says NSA PRISM Surveillance Good And Legal Because The Gov't Said It Was Good And Legal (11)
10:42 Apple Didn't Delete That Guys iTunes Movies, But What Happened Still Shows The Insanity Of Copyright (89)
10:37 Daily Deal: The Ultimate MCSA Certification Training Bundle (1)
09:33 Google's Chinese Search Engine Will Censor Results, Provide Gov't-Approved Pollution Data (48)
06:30 The Nation's Second Biggest Cable Company Probably Won't Get Kicked Out Of New York State After All (14)
03:23 Qualified Immunity Contradicts Congressional Intent. It's Time To Kill It Off. (47)


12:00 Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of The Week At Techdirt (10)


12:00 Congress Shall Make No Law. Techdirt Shall Make T-Shirts. (4)


19:39 Plagiarists Or Innovators? The Led Zeppelin Paradox Endures (50)
15:27 That Bizarre Trademark Suit Between Music Promoters Over An 'Ultra' Trademark Nobody Owned Is Still Going On (11)
13:33 Cop: Screwdrivers And Wrenches Are Drug Dealer Things; Appeals Court: WTF (37)
11:53 Guy In Charge Of EU Copyright Directive Claims He Didn't Know What He Voted On, Needs To Fix Things (41)
10:43 White House Potentially Exploring Executive Order On 'Social Media Bias' (226)
10:38 Daily Deal: The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle (0)
09:33 EU Continues To Kill The Open Web: Massive Fines For Sites That Don't Censor Within An Hour (85)
06:34 AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile & Sprint Want Even Broader Access To Your Personal Data (42)
03:28 Another Batch Of FISA Court Docs Confirms The NSA Frequently Abuses Its Collection Powers (6)


19:32 A Benchmark Of Sorts: Steam's First Fully Uncensored Adult Novel-Game To Be Released In Coming Weeks (28)
15:30 Police Officers At A Tactical Disadvantage Bravely Tase 87-Year-Old Woman Into Submission (67)
13:29 Google Fights In EU Court Against Ability Of One Country To Censor The Global Internet (101)
12:01 Manafort's Daughter's Lawyer Wants Twitter To Vanish Tweets Linking To Text Message Database (5)
10:43 European Court Of Human Rights: UK Surveillance Revealed By Snowden Violates Human Rights (16)
10:37 Daily Deal: The 2019 Interactive Coding Bootcamp (0)
09:32 Actual Research On Political Bias In Search Results Would Be Useful, But So Far It Doesn't Show Anything (110)
06:14 California Eyes Questionable Legislation In Bid To Fix The Internet Of Broken Things (30)
03:16 UK MP Thinks Secret Online Groups Are The Root Of All Evil Online, Promises To Regulate 'Large Online Groups' (40)
00:17 Corporate Sovereignty On The Wane, As Governments Realize It's More Trouble Than It's Worth (7)


15:40 Couple Get Back $10,000 Seized By State Trooper After Local Media Starts Asking Questions (36)
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