Techdirt Podcast Episode 188: Government, Activism & Silicon Valley

from the panel-discussion dept

In late September, Mike joined a panel at the Lincoln Network's Reboot conference to tackle the question "will rising activism limit government’s access to Silicon Valley?" along with Trae Stephens, Pablo E. Carrillo, with moderator Katie McAuliffe. For this week's episode, we've got the full audio from that panel plus an additional introduction from Mike with some thoughts after the fact. Enjoy!

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    Mason Wheeler (profile), 7 Nov 2018 @ 7:52am

    Wow, who was that, umm, that, uh, first guy on there? Did you, uhh, did you get Jeff, umm, Jeff Goldblum on the, uhh, the panel or something?

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      CrushU (profile), 7 Nov 2018 @ 9:54am


      I've noticed it a few times in the past that certain guests have that problem.

      I will say that it's probably a common trait among engineers or other technicaly-minded people... It's a public-speaking skill, essentially. I'm surprised to see it from a congressional staffer, though.

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    CrushU (profile), 7 Nov 2018 @ 10:03am

    That last bit

    Towards the end where you said that employees of a company working on a project desire the knowledge of how that project will be used...

    Wow, he pushed back against a strawman. Who put forth the argument that the whole company would need knowledge of that program? Sure, some in the company might object without full knowledge of it, but if they aren't working on it, I don't see how they would need full knowledge of the project? And they're free to object to how they perceive the project might be used?

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