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Massachussetts Legislature Bans Twitter From Office Computers

from the why? dept

Copycense points us to the bizarre news that the Massachussetts state legislature has decided to ban Twitter from office computers. While Facebook is still allowed, and officials can still tweet via their mobile phones, it's banned on computers. The Legislative Information Services dept is claiming that it's because Twitter is "vulnerable to viruses," but that's fairly bizarre reasoning. Twitter itself is not prone to viruses. Some users may post links to viruses, but that's true on Facebook as well. Besides blocking all of Twitter seems like a sledgehammer approach. While most of the state officials interviewed in the Boston Herald article above seemed upset about the ban and questioned the reasoning behind it, the funniest quote has to come from State Senator Robert Hedlund, who apparently has a list of those darned online time-wasters that he has no self-control over, and wishes were banned:
“There should be more sites that are blocked. We should also ban solitaire, Bejeweled and Farmville.”
Or, you know, Senator Hedlund, you can just stop playing those games...

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    xenomancer (profile), 26 Jan 2011 @ 3:44am


    Perhaps they should focus on hiring people qualified to use the internet in the first place, or even teaching current employees how to use it properly. Its not even close to rocket science (a fairly simple subject by the way). The buried-head-in-sand approach has almost universally failed at almost every level and scale of use; so I have to ask why are we not learning from the past when it comes to attempting to block a form of communication/interaction? Realistically, this "plan" is bound to cause employees to simply find any means they can for subverting the new rules (proxies come to mind as a simple start) and cause new vulnerabilities they could have avoided by just dealing with the technology instead of trying to cripple it.

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