Amazon And Perfect 10 Settle Lawsuit; But Details Are Sealed

from the doubt-amazon-paid-much-if-anything dept

Perfect 10, the adult entertainment publisher who simply freaked out about its magazine photos appearing online and mistakenly sued Google and Amazon for finding their images (that others had uploaded) via their search engines, never seems to want to admit that it sued the wrong entities. Every time it sues a third party (it also tried suing payment processors), claiming copyright infringement, the courts end up tossing out the lawsuits (there was a lower court ruling in Perfect 10s favor that got overturned). But, on the whole, Perfect 10s track record in these lawsuits is pretty dismal. Yet it keeps on trying. Last year, a lawsuit against Amazon was dismissed after the court pointed out that Amazon was clearly protected by the DMCA.

It appears that Perfect 10 and Amazon have finally settled that lawsuit, though they aren't releasing the terms and conditions of the settlement. Given that Amazon won so handily in court, you'd have to imagine that Perfect 10 basically gave up to get the settlement. Still, it's unfortunate that the details aren't being made clear, as it would give confidence to other companies who are sued in similarly misguided lawsuits.

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    Ccomp5950 (profile), 24 Feb 2010 @ 11:27pm

    At the very least.

    This failed lawsuit gives the next person a track record of misguided lawsuits to point at to establish a history of baseless lawsuits in an effort to get it thrown out.

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    NAMELESS.ONE, 25 Feb 2010 @ 12:42am

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