China Requiring You To Submit Photo ID To The Gov't If You Want To Create A Website

from the that'll-work dept

This isn’t really a surprise given China’s massive internet censorship (“Great Firewall”) efforts, but apparently the Chinese government is now requiring anyone who wants to set up a website in the country to submit their identity cards and photos of themselves before they can build a site. Oh yeah, plus they have to meet with gov’t regulators to get approval to register and set up a website. In other words, the crackdown is spreading… though plenty of folks in China appear to be getting around these new rules by setting up websites outside of China. In the meantime, what a way to kill the sort of entrepreneurial web spirit you need: imagine how many internet sites would never get created if they first required approval by a government bureaucrat?

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Comments on “China Requiring You To Submit Photo ID To The Gov't If You Want To Create A Website”

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Anonymous Coward says:

The BBC story is startlingly short on details. I wonder how the Chinese government will define “start a website”, since that’s such an extremely nebulous term. Third party blog tools? Facebook? Twitter? Shared google docs? Message boards? Which of these and under what circumstances constitutes starting a web site? What if I serve content from a port other than 80? What if it’s plain text and not html? Is that still a “web” site?

I expect it’s just a tool that they’ll use as a pretext to throw “dissidents” in jail for posting comments on youtube, rather than clarifying and then adhering to the actual text of the law.

Car Transport (user link) says:

Imagine That!

Thats kind of insane really, imagine if I had to register all my domains using a photo i.d.? That would be impossible as sometimes you purchase a domain name and don’t want your real name associated with it, like a social media page or the like. This site Enclosed Car Transport was purchased from the original owner, and would be detrimental to the business to have the downtime it would create if you had to show I.D. to register a domain

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