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by Mike Masnick

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Norwegian Appeals Court Dismisses Entertainment Industry's Attempt To Require ISP Block Of The Pirate Bay

from the they-won't-do-your-work-for-you dept

Back in November, a district court in Norway ruled that ISP Telenor did not have to block The Pirate Bay, since the ISP itself was not contributing to any copyright infringement. Not surprisingly, the entertainment industry appealed, but Kristian Bysheim alerts us to the news that the appeals court has upheld the lower court ruling (Google translation from the original) by dismissing the appeal from the entertainment industry. It's good to see more courts around the world recognizing that ISPs should not be responsible for propping up the entertainment industry's business model when those companies fail to innovate themselves.

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  • identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 10 Feb 2010 @ 11:27pm

    Failed to innovate? Are you kidding me?

    You're talking about the same entertainment industry that produced Sonny Bono.

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  • identicon
    CaptainJackSparrow, 11 Feb 2010 @ 1:17am


    if the music and movie industry spent as much time and money in developing faster, easier and cheaper ways to allow people to access thier products in high quality, they could easily sink the pirate sites. But as they're more intent on punishing torrent users and p2p sites they're never going to win.

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  • identicon
    mlass, 11 Feb 2010 @ 3:40am

    Make it easier!

    Netflix, Tivo, and Hulu have made it easy for me to watch TV. Pandora for Music. You can't give me easy access and I will have to get it another way.

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    • identicon
      Anonymous Coward, 11 Feb 2010 @ 3:18pm

      Re: Make it easier!

      You said it!

      I pay for netflix, gladly watch ads on hulu, and I even paid for pandora since i listen to it almost constantly (they have a 40 hour a month limit unless you pay) But I suppose I'm one of the tame pirates

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  • icon
    EdB (profile), 11 Feb 2010 @ 8:09am

    um... I don't think the decision means the judges decided to not prop up a business model, meaning your conclusion doesn't follow. It basically does what you often accuse others of doing: using data to fit your view.

    All that decision means is that the ISP is not a party to infringement by connecting a source to a person who might want to steal someone else's intellectual property.

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  • identicon
    wvhillbilly, 11 Feb 2010 @ 6:59pm

    Innovation or the lack thereof

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  • identicon
    Mark Ryder, 11 Feb 2010 @ 9:28pm

    just thinking allowd here

    I’m very anti piracy I own lots of music I have made over the years and its mine I have a right to be paid for it "what I want' and other have a right to "buy or not buy" but never steal and don't tell me what price I have to charge as its mine I’ll charge what I like you don't have to buy and you should not threaten me by stealing unless I drop the price.

    With this in your mind about me I am thinking out load now on this subject.

    If it possible to post a list of peoples names and addresses online and any other data relating to when they are out of their house (at work or on holiday) maybe their credit card details and other data so that thieves could go round and steal their possessions or use their information to steal?

    I wonder if a judge or the people on the list would appreciate that information being out an if they were burgled would I be to blame for making it possible? Or would the judge say I only provide the information i’m not the thief?

    Because if i’m only supplying the info then i’m not doing anything wrong? Hmm. its not my fault if a stranger decides to break into your house when you at work or steal using your credit card data you have to catch the thief don’t you?

    The pirate bay is the supplier of information whos purpose is to encourage illegal activities and they do it knowingly come on the name is not a mistake "PIRATE! Bay"

    Think about putting yourself on the end of the rope for a change and see if you like being the victim

    Don’t steal and there should be a low to stop suppliers of information that clearly helps people to steal, as they should be held accountable for their reasons to supply such information

    And finally for those too ignorant to realize it. I have no intention of doing what I purposed its just a way for you to see how stealing can affect you personally if someone could make information available about you for thieves to prey on

    Anyone going to set up “CREDIT CARD INFORMATION BAY”

    Mark Ryder

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