by Mike Masnick

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Would You Believe That Microsoft Has Been Caught Exaggerating Concerning Copyright?

from the no,-really? dept

Microsoft has a decently long history of exaggerating the impacts of copyright infringement on its business, even as there's a fair bit of evidence that the company has benefited greatly from lax enforcement of copyright. However, now the company has taken to exaggerating what copyright law actually says up in Canada. Michael Geist does a nice job picking apart a recent Microsoft-penned editorial claiming that copyright law in Canada just isn't strong enough. Even better, he does so using examples of Microsoft's own actions to prove the company wrong. For example, the editorial claimed that current Canadian copyright law didn't protect a content creator from someone using their content for commercial purposes. Yet, as Geist points out, Microsoft itself won just such a lawsuit a year ago, trumpeting the results in a press release. Perhaps Microsoft saw how the movie industry was able to lie about existing copyright law in Canada -- which convinced politicians to pass unnecessary new legislation -- and figured that Canadian politicians seem mighty gullible on the subject.

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    Anonymous Coward, 5 Feb 2008 @ 5:04pm

    After lying to the American people for so long, it was only a matter if time before they moved on to better things. All this legal BS only proves to show how retarded everyone has become and how much everyone wants to screw everyone else. Welcome to your Americanized world. Great isn't it?

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    Anonymous Coward, 5 Feb 2008 @ 5:16pm

    It is in the interest of free software vendors, who seem to have no "piracy" problem, that M$ continues their effort to stop "piracy".

    As a person who is trying to build a business on free software and video games, it is in my personal interest to encourage my competition to use DRM so my competitors can't compete effectively.

    Seriously, the free software sector, who in general opposed DRM morally, gets the the last final laugh when it come to the bottom line.

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