by Mike Masnick

Techdirt Insight Community Steps Up To Public Beta

from the moving-on-up dept

Late last year, we announced the latest initiative from the corporate side of Techdirt's business, the Techdirt Insight Community. We're building an expert community that is a collaborative alternative to traditional analyst research. Industry leaders like SAP and VeriSign have put it to the test and liked what they learned from the Techdirt Insight Community. Now we're making the service available to more companies (both big and small) ready to try a new approach. If you'd like to try it out, click here for more information.

The Techdirt Insight Community is a network of expert bloggers, who we've brought together to collaboratively help companies get the insight and analysis they need in order to make important decisions. Over the last few months, we've grown the network of expert bloggers in the program, while having them work on all sorts of interesting challenges and issues raised by our corporate customers -- from designing a strategy for developing a mobile application to understanding the potential for Google to enter the CRM space to understanding how the enterprise software world is changing. Today we move the Techdirt Insight Community into public beta, and open it up to a much wider audience.

Already, some of our experts have been blogging about their experiences using the community, but now we're expanding the community and opening the service up for more companies and expert bloggers to sign up. We've already paid out thousands of dollars to the expert bloggers in the network and have been excited about both the analysis they've provided and the feedback they've given us for ways to make the community even better. If you are an expert blogger and would like to join, please click here, or read the expert blogger's FAQ to learn more.

With this new launch there are a few changes around here. First off, we've done an update to the site design to better reflect the services that Techdirt offers. If you're reading this in RSS, of course, you'll notice no changes, but if you're at the site, you'll see some slight changes to the design. In terms of content, there will be some subtle, but important changes -- mostly in terms of additional original content for the blog. While we'll still continue to provide you with our daily analysis of the news, we're also going to start doing more in-depth "series" posts, along the lines of my economics of infinite goods series. We'll also be diving in to some of the research that comes out of the Techdirt Insight Community to discuss the implications. Finally (and best of all), we'll be asking some of the members of the Techdirt Insight Community to contribute guest posts on areas of their expertise.

Thanks again for supporting us, and please sign up either to join the Community as a blogger or to get insight out of the community as a company.

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