by Carlo Longino

DoCoMo, Vodafone, Handset Vendors To Work On Mobile Linux

from the get-the-penguin-a-phone dept

NTT DoCoMo, Vodafone, Motorola, Samsung, NEC and Panasonic say they'll work together on mobile Linux, building it into a consistent platform that can be adopted by multiple vendors. Sound familiar? It's pretty similar to separate plans announced earlier by the Open Source Development Labs as well as the Lips Forum. Despite a fair bit of fanfare, neither of those groups has appeared to produce much of anything. The involvement of two major operators -- with their implicit interest in getting Linux devices to their customers -- should give this group a bit more impetus to move quickly and actually do something. It's high time Linux lived up to the hype in the smartphone space, but the issues holding it back -- fragmentation and inconsistency -- don't look like they're too much closer to being solved.

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    William Baldwin, 15 Jun 2006 @ 10:23am


    I agree that Linux should be devoloped more, especially with wireless devices. PDA's and support for wirless NIC'S would be great help. The problem is that the general public needs to be informed that Linux even exists. Driver support and public awairness should be Linux devolopers main goal. If there is any OS that can give Microsoft compition it is Linux!

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    CB, 16 Jun 2006 @ 5:13pm


    Linux sucks LINUX is a pain Linux is the biggest unecessary wow that i have ever seen Ohhh and IM FIRST

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    Linux Lover, 21 Jun 2006 @ 7:30am

    Linux Has broken hearts

    I agree with Who Cares. Linux is being used and abused by Motorola. The potential of being the most Dominant OS but Motorola LOCKED IT UP .. No Use For Developers who could have created beautiful applications for it.. Untill Developers are supported completely there is no point.. It is not Linux that sucks.. Its the Mobile Vendors Like MOTOROLA.. MOTOROLA SHOULD DIE .. F*** THEM

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    The requisite Penguinista, 29 Jun 2006 @ 1:58am

    Maybe not only hot air, this time...

    A more positive note: all handset manufacturers there have already released Linux mobile phones, and DoCoMo actually uses them on its network.
    I don't know about Vodafone.

    Plus, most of them were already the major partners in the CELF Mobile Phone working group.

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