Legal Issues

by Mike Masnick

Kazaa Boss Ordered Into Court; Rest Of World: Kazaa Still Exists?

from the oh,-them,-right.... dept

While everyone was focused on the legal troubles facing file sharing platforms like Grokster, it seems that plenty of people had pretty much forgotten about Kazaa and parent company Sharman, who are still on trial in Australia. If you remember, Sharman and Kazaa have a very convoluted relationship, which seems specifically designed to confuse just about everyone, making it nearly impossible to track down what's going on. This even resulted in the recording industry secretly spying on Sharman's CEO for months, trying to figure out where she went all the time. It seems the courts have finally had enough and have ordered CEO Nikki Hemming to appear before the court. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is saying, "Kazaa? They still exist?"

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