Sneaky Adware Firm Claims They're Cleaned Up; Threatens Anti-Spyware Firms

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We've written fairly extensively about the history of the adware company, Direct Revenue. The firm which was known for being one of the sneakiest creators of adware that was installed surreptitiously without the user knowing it has been saying for about a year now that it's cleaned up its act. However, every time that's been proven not to be the case at all. Yet, now, the company's CEO actually has the gall to suggest that because he claims the company is no longer doing surreptitious installs, that he may need to "go on the offensive" against anti-spyware firms that still insist on removing his company's product. Forgive those companies if they're not quite ready to just take his word on the matter. Of course, it's not entirely clear what "going on the offensive" means. Is it lawsuits? Or, perhaps, he plans to dig back into Direct Revenue's own past where the software they provided would uninstall competing adware products? Perhaps he just means the next version of his software will remove anti-spyware offerings?

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