Lawyer Blogs Apparently Quite Costly In Kentucky

from the ah,-lawyers,-no-wonder dept

Is it really any wonder that the lawyers themselves would get stuck with a pointless law eventually? It seems that technology has a way of making certain laws seem pretty silly. Remember those laws that meant people selling on eBay needed to first get licensed and go through a one-year auctioneer's apprenticeship? Well, here's a similar situation. TechLawAdvisor points out that the state of Kentucky views lawyer blogs as "advertisements" for the lawyer. That might not be all that strange. As we were just saying, advertising and content are really the same thing. However, that's a problem in Kentucky where the law requires: "A filing fee of $50.00 for each advertisement and for every change in the advertisement" for every lawyer advertisement. That could make each blog post (and any comment on each blog post) a fairly expensive endeavor. The local "Attorney's Advertising Commission" is apparently evaluating one lawyers blog to see if they'll make an exception for him. Either way, it's yet another example where a law that may have been intended for a good reason doesn't make much sense with modern technology.

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