Spamming For God

from the the-devil's-work dept

It’s been discussed before, but apparently not all spammers are trying to sell you stuff to buy. Some are trying to sell you salvation. It really isn’t all that strange. Back in March we had a similar story, including the fact that one of the big spammers out there happens to be a reverend pitching his particular brand of religion via spam. Still, you’d have to wonder how effective such tactics can really be.

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Comments on “Spamming For God”

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Michael Vilain says:

There are such cretins out there spewing their GOD

One stellar example constantly posts to many newsgroups with a throwaway yahoo account via Goggle Groups and AOL. I’ve sent numerous emails to the guy’s private ISP, AOL, Google, and Yahoo to no avail. If I could, I’d visit the 10 plagues down on him. He’s constantly reviled in the technical groups for his spew.

The thing is, we know who he is and where he’s located. He’s not selling anything illegal, just posting “off-topic”. That’s not enough to bring Homeland Security to his door unfortunately.

Now, if he were posting about Allah and being a martyr rather than Christ and being “saved” (it’s all the same to me), I but someone would be at his doorstep….

dorpus says:

Old School

The trend has been for Christians to advertise more subtly, promoting a desirable lifestyle. I get the sense it’s in response to other religions like Buddhism or New Age that have won new converts through subtle advertisements. But yeah, there are still Old School evangelists out there who agressively promote the idea that all sinners will go to hell.

Pete Austin says:

Re: Old School

From TFA, these spammers are not “Old School evangelists” but “from a British organization called, the spam steers you to a site that sells religious items to discount stores, of Christian backing tracks, Christian songbooks, Christian CD’s and Christian DVDs.”

“Spamming in the UK is now illegal, so rather than send the obligatory abuse reports, if you are feeling particularly helpful simply fill out a report and hope the spammer receives a ?5000 fine”,com_content/task,view/id,20/Itemid,2/

But I don’t know of any British spammers who have actually been fined.

eeyore says:

No Subject Given

Spam doesn’t bother me. The Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormon missionairies coming to my door bother me. The Mormons will open your screen door if it’s unlocked so it’s harder to brush them off. Best reason I know of to let my Rottweiler sleep indoors. When my wife opened the door the Rottie got into her combat stance and started barking until the idiot hastily closed the screen door. Then it was just a matter of telling him he’d upset the dog and had better leave. This works with the Avon lady and kids selling magazine subscriptions as well.

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