Say That Again

by Brett

Can't Get Your Kids To Stop Watching TV? Hire Some Shoes

from the you've-got-to-be-kidding dept

The campaign to get kids exercising is reaching new and surreal levels. We've noted in the past that more video games and TV shows are trying to encourage physical activity (beyond that of watching the screen encouraging more activity). A worthwhile endeavor, despite the obvious failure potential. Now comes a London university student who has designed a shoe that limits how much television a kid can watch. The bizarre-sounding product works by tracking the number of steps taken during the day, transmitting the info to a device connected to the TV, and correlating that to the amount of sedentary time allowed. Once that allotment is reached, the TV is turned off. Notwithstanding the many sedentary activities a kid can choose other than TV, this idea seems doomed for the same reason exercise is on the decline in the first place: kids aren't listening and parents are failing. While we're at it, maybe someone can invent a shoe that reads kids a story or puts them to bed. Sounds far-fetched, but we already know the lengths adults will go to abdicate responsibility.

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    Kit, 19 May 2005 @ 6:22am

    Why not make them work while they play?

    There is a company here in Austin TX that makes a bike you have to pedal while you play.

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    User, 3 Jun 2005 @ 7:00am

    obesity in kids

    The real problem is what they eat. People in america are still coming around to learning that the additiction to sugar and carbohdydrates is fatal. It's the primary cause of overwhelming obesity in people of all ages.
    Eating a lot of carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice or any grains including whole grains, etc.) eventually slows down our natural processes that burn fats - it's called Lipolisys/Ketosis (look it up online). As result the cholesterol, fat and other junk keeps accumulating resulting among other things in extra weight.

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    Anonymous, 2 Nov 2006 @ 8:53pm

    So...based on that - the majority of the population in Asia are eating primarily "rice." How do you justify that they are not affected like Americans?

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