Comcast Outages Prevent Comcast From Commenting On Comcast Outages

from the too-much-to-do dept

Last week, we noted that Comcast was having widespread outage problems, which they chalked up to "scheduled maintenance", even though no one was actually informed of said schedule ahead of time. It turns out that schedule is pretty crowded, because all week long, there have been continued reports of recurring outages all across the Comcast network. Comcast, of course, continues to be pretty much silent on the issue, leaving its increasingly fed up call center staff to deal with incredibly angry customers who feel they're getting no information at all. How hard is it to admit that they screwed up and they're working on fixing the problem? Instead of chalking it up to bogus scheduled maintenance or pretending there's nothing wrong, admit what the problem is and give people real updates. People would still be unhappy, but at least they'd feel like the company wasn't ignoring them. Of course, maybe they can't do that because Comcast staffers don't have any internet access either...

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    Anonymous Coward, 14 Apr 2005 @ 10:21am

    No Subject Given

    Looks like the temporary fix is to change your nameservers to some other [public] servers.

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    Bryan Price, 14 Apr 2005 @ 11:19am

    I've been blissfully ignorant of these outages

    because I'm still using my name servers. I don't know when Comcast changed the DHCP settings differently, but I know what I'm using is what I used to use. I remember some time ago that I was having issues with Comcast's DNS, and I set up my computer to become it's own server. That didn't last long, as the software caused a pretty good drain on the CPU for some reason.

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    xxx, 15 Apr 2005 @ 8:32am


    i am on comcrap which is what they should change their name too

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    RCTec1, 6 Apr 2008 @ 6:44pm

    Comedy Cast or Idiot cast
    This company sucks big time.
    I am in Southeast PA and my service is going out much to much.
    Me and my wife had tecs over at our home several times
    because of the stupid tactics Comcrap has.
    I already checked my signal level at my point of entry for service.
    I have 0 to 5 at the set and higher around at the tap.

    I am a tec myself of a cctv company I test camera signals all the time.
    I know he problem is on the end of Com Shit at the head end crap house.

    If they would stop sitting at the end of a corner and stop feeding their fat asses maybe we in Southeastern Pa would have some piece of mind.

    Theyer service just plain old sucks.
    Me and my wife our changing service as soon as we can.
    We do alot of our home based business online and we can't deal with these wide spread outages every hour and ever day
    in a week. If they would stop looking on how to build a shit house buliding in center city and throwing money into a skyscraper then to please their customers well they should just close shop.
    They suck and they will be out of business when Verizon stomps their turf.

    Good riddins

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