Breaking Down P2P EULAs

from the fun-for-the-whole-family dept

A few months back, Ben Edelman famously dissected the Gator EULA to point out all of the sneaky tricks, questionable claims and contradictions it included. Now, he's looking at the end user license agreements of the companies most responsible for getting adware on your computers. Broadband Reports points us to Edelman's dissection of various EULAs from P2P file sharing applications (all done in print so small, you'd think Edelman was trying to mimic the unreadable nature of most of these EULAs -- thank goodness browsers let you increase font size). The EULAs include the standard, super long, impossible read kinds -- but the two that stand out are Kazaa and Limewire. Kazaa stands out for making it difficult to find all of the relevant materials to read, including the 182 page license document. Meanwhile, Limewire apparently contains no license whatsoever. Who knows if that's a good or bad thing?

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