Teen Convicted For Unauthorized Content… But The Devil's In The Details

from the what-exactly-happened-where? dept

The Associated Press is reporting that a teenager in Arizona is the first person convicted under state laws for downloading unauthorized content online. Of course, it doesn’t really matter that much that it’s a first under state laws, rather than federal — but the details of the case still raise some questions. First of all, almost all of the cases so far haven’t been about downloading files, but unauthorized distribution of files — which is a pretty important distinction. However, this article suggests it’s for downloading. In fact, some versions of the AP piece go on to claim (without the slightest hint of a snicker) that the FBI found $50 million worth of music and movies on this kids hard drive — though, it appears that the AP is pushing out changed copy without that $50 million line. Still, it makes you wonder where they came up with such a number. It would certainly be very difficult to defend. Also, the article buries in the final sentence that he was also selling the material he had downloaded. Just a second, here… Isn’t the fact that he was selling unauthorized content the real story? He was a counterfeiter. That’s a much bigger crime than just downloading some songs and movies for personal use. However, the AP ignores that point to blast out there the entertainment industry’s favorite message: that somehow all of you folks downloading music and movies are going to get thrown in jail.

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