by Mike Masnick

Broadcasters Want Digital Music Download Stores As Well

from the oh-great,-more-incompatibilities... dept

Because there simply aren't enough different and incompatible music download stores out there already, a number of radio broadcasters are considering plans to enter the game as well. Of course, they hope to leverage their existing broadcasts by allowing users to immediately download a track they're listening to being broadcast. It's an interesting concept in theory, but considering the hodge-podge of different copy protection technologies, music download stores and devices, you have to wonder if people are going to simply declare that they've had enough. Who wants to worry that the CD they bought at Tower Records only works on Tower-certified CD players?

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    Nathan, 17 Jan 2005 @ 7:02am

    No Subject Given

    It would be interesting to see one entrepeneur get everyone on the same page, and create a single brick/mortar download 'store'.

    I could envision something like this not only for music but also TV shows...

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    RJD, 17 Jan 2005 @ 7:41am

    Not much different

    This isn't much different than other technologies that have fought for mind share. There will be winners and losers both at the company level and the consumer level.

    It's lots of fun too see which company screams UNCLE first. You can usually spot them as their noise level is usually highest right before conceding defeat.

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    Brenden, 18 Jan 2005 @ 5:49am

    Who Listens To Radio

    I never listen to music on the radio. They don't play the music I listen to. Maybe they should focus more on playing music people want to listen to instead of trying more ways to make money for the few bands that the recording industry is pushing. One things for sure, if I had a local radio station play music I listened to I would buy more CD's. And no, I don't want to pay for the ability to sample (test drive) new music.

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