by Mike Masnick

Blockbuster Feels The Netflix Heat -- Part II

from the price-drops-for-everyone! dept

While Netflix seems a lot more concerned about Amazon's entrance into the DVD rental world than Blockbuster's, it's clear that Blockbuster is pretty focused on Netflix. Last week they did their "we're dropping late fees, but really just charging much much more with a longer grace period" thing, and today they announced that their Netflix-wannabe monthly subscription price will drop to $15/month, below Netflix's lowered pricing. All the indications, so far, are that Blockbuster's offering doesn't have that much traction, so it's not that surprising that they're lowering the fees. Of course, at some point you have to wonder just how low the prices can reasonably go. If this was the dot com heyday, we'd have companies advertising free rental movies, if you just agreed to receive a ton of junk mail and watch a bunch of ads before the movie began. Don't be surprised if that model does pop up eventually...

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    TDavid, 22 Dec 2004 @ 11:04am

    Former Blockbuster customer

    We used to do business with Blockbuster. Will take a lot to get us back and we were gold card customers with them (the gold card is supposedly their super, secret special customer loyalty program).

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      AMetamorphosis, 23 Dec 2004 @ 10:11am

      Blockbuster Trial period

      I just enjoyed 12 movies ... all free of charge by taking advantage of the two week free trial period.

      Blockbuster, I had no intention of using your service ... I just wanted to recoupe some of those bogus late fees you charged me when I used to frequent your stores ...

      Thanks for the 12 free movies !

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  • identicon
    Griffon, 23 Dec 2004 @ 12:57pm

    What I want

    Personaly I will give my cash to the company that has no nonsense polcisy (4 a month or if it's lost you bought it crap) and then dose 4 for $20. That was the sweet spot and Netflicks never should have moved away from it.

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