Criminal Investigations Into BearingPoint's Useless Half-Billion Computer System

from the whoops dept

Remember earlier this year when the VA decided to totally ditch a half-billion computer system that never actually worked? This is the same one where BearingPoint got extra cash for “finishing on time,” even though finishing on time meant that the system wasn’t at all usable. Well, now it turns out that federal investigators are looking into the matter, and determining whether or not criminal charges should be filed. They’re also wondering why, following this fiasco, the company was almost immediately awarded a new $229 million project for a computer system for the Department of Homeland Security. If people are throwing away millions like that for computer systems that don’t work, they should feel free to give some of us a call. I’m sure we could design an equally ineffective computer system at half the price.

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Comments on “Criminal Investigations Into BearingPoint's Useless Half-Billion Computer System”

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Ex-Consultang says:

Re: No Subject Given

>Criminal charges? I sure hope they mean against the management in the gov overseeing the project.

It may mean the government AND the contractor. Nobody is saying. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time there was collusion between a contractor and a government employee.

>I blame them more for the waste than the company who build the poor system. Any moron will accept your contract, it’s upto the money holders to be responsible with their money.

Unless there was outright fraud by the contractor, of course. Then the contractor would most certainly be liable. Note that “BearingPoint” was formerly known as KPMG Consulting. Why the name change? Because in 2002 KPMG Consulting hired 140 partners and 1,400 other employees from Arthur Andersen’s U.S. consulting operations…which was about to crash and burn due to its involvement in the Enron collapse.

Just a thought….

Worried Irish says:

BearingPoint now making a useless Post Code for Ireland

Reading this story worries me

BearingPoint have found themselves some Irish cronies to team up with and are involved in introducing a controversial, multi-million post code system to Ireland

The post code is controversial for a number of reasons:

1. In true Irish style, the governments consultation and tendering process has been marred with conflicts of interest (previous advisors now part of the winning consortium) and also the use of a “minimum turnover requirement” which left many of the smaller players out of the bidding process and broke EU tendering rules in the process

2. The system they propose to introduce (Eircode) has been proven useless. The National Emergency Response, the Irish Freight Association and others are refusing to be part of this flawed roll-out as it offers nothing of value, will incur licencing costs on end-users and does not satisfy any of the requirements for Ireland’s address problem

3. The Irish government were offered the use of an already developed and functioning location code system, currently in use by citizens and businesses across the country – for the small price of FREE. Obviously this didn’t sit well with the chronies in BearingPoint et all so they ensured that this small private company could not be part of the bidding process

Many businesses, industry leaders and even government members are beginning to question the whole fiasco. The above story only adds value to their reasoning

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