by Mike Masnick

The Many Paths To Pushing Mobile Phone Etiquette

from the from-subtle-to-beating-you-over-the-head dept

The issues of mobile phone etiquette has received plenty of attention over the years, especially as people are interrupted more frequently while out at plays, movies and other cultural events. However, different venues seem to have very different methods for dealing with the issue. While NYC has put in place a law banning the use of mobile phones at cultural events, most places seem to rely on a combination of two things: warnings against misuse of phones and angry audience members who will take matters into their own hands. Certain events are trying to incorporate the warnings more into the spirit of the event itself, and they claim that these types of "good natured" warnings do tend to reduce the misuses of mobile phones. What the article doesn't address, however, is the difference between the accidental ringers -- people who are embarrassed that they forgot to turn off their phones and the oblivious-to-the-world types who simply don't understand why they can't bother everyone around them.

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    Anonymous, 16 Dec 2004 @ 12:27pm

    No Subject Given

    Peer pressure works wonders. When starting corporate meetings, I always say "Put 'em on vibrate now, because if they ring during the meeting, you get to stand on the table and sing a broadway tune". I never have to enforce this... the first ringer gets enough joking pressure from the other attendees that there isn't a second one.

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    Anonymous Coward, 16 Dec 2004 @ 1:36pm

    Vibrate ... & smile :-)

    Thanks for the link Mike ;-) ... One of the better reads on cell ettiqutte ...!

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    Asad, 29 Apr 2006 @ 9:31pm


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