Speeders Like Faster Tickets, Thanks To Technology

from the say-what? dept

Police in New Orleans are apparently using new high tech wireless ticketing tools to make it easier and faster for them to give out tickets without having to stand quite so long on the side of the road where they might get hit. That's not all that surprising. What struck me as being more amusing, however, is the claim that "people getting tickets are happier because they're getting on the road quicker." While it is understandable that people who are caught don't want to be sitting there for half an hour while a cop writes out the citation, apparently none of them realize that if the police weren't getting through everyone else faster, maybe they wouldn't have been caught at all.

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    Anonymous Coward, 6 Dec 2004 @ 6:49pm

    don't have to speak to the police this way

    i expect people are happier as they don't have to suck up to a cop for fear that he'll pin something else on you.

    for instance i once mouthed back to a cop about setting me up for running a yellow light, and he threatened to add tailgating to the charge, despite there being no other cars around!

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    patrick, 7 Dec 2004 @ 5:14am

    In New Orleans?

    As someone who has moved to the city this year, I am really amazed that New Orleans would be the center of any type of innovation. It takes two weeks to get a police report and you have to the police station, which is very inconvienent because of parking and security checks. I am still waiting for people here to adopt the advanced technology of trash cans.

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