by Mike Masnick

VoIP Pricing Gimmicks Continue: Phone Calls For Life

from the *-or-as-long-as-the-company-lasts dept

That didn't take long at all. Just a few weeks ago we noted new VoIP upstart SunRocket's gimmicky attempt to undercut other VoIP pricing plans by offering a $200 plan for the whole year, but another upstart is trying to beat even that. Their plan is that you pay $999 upfront and never get another phone bill again for the rest of your life. You have to assume there's a big asterisk with the statement "*or the life of this company, whichever ends first." You always have to wonder about these "for the rest of your life" offerings -- especially as you have no idea what's going to happen with technology and marketing trends over the next few years. In fact, with a gimmick like this one, the company really only has incentive to stay in business for a little while. If they can get enough people to sign up, they get their $1,000 a pop, and then can go out of business, and walk away with all that money without having to run a VoIP phone system for very long.

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