Bank Error Gives Man $1.8 Million... Again

from the whoops dept

The fact that Mike Kainrath suddenly found an unexpected $1.8 million in his bank account is not actually the oddest part of this story that the AP is sending around. What's even stranger is that this is the third time he's found large unexpected sums of money in his bank account -- though the reason for the unexpected windfall (which, of course, was taken away) is not entirely clear. Kainrath jokes that he's going to change the account to an interest-bearing one, but, of course, it's unlikely he'd get to keep any of that interest either. Still, you have to wonder what's happening that would cause the same guy to regularly get large amounts of money temporarily dumped into his account. It might also make you wonder who isn't getting the money they possess correctly deposited into their account.

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  • identicon
    Jim, 29 Nov 2004 @ 3:57pm

    No Subject Given

    Perhaps his bank account is one digit off from
    another account that regularly receives large
    wire transfers. An occasional random typo and
    *POOF* instant millionaire. (for a little while,
    at least)

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