by Mike Masnick

Infinium's Phantom Vapor To Disappear Into Absolute Nothingness?

from the so-much-for-that-plan dept

We've covered the bizarre and convoluted history of Infinium Labs and their mysterious Phantom gaming device before. If you haven't been following it, the quick summary is that the company claimed a new type of gaming console that would let users access games via the internet, but a lot of people raised questions about whether or not the device was real, or if the company was really just a front for a stock scam. As the evidence mounted towards it being a scam, the company finally hired some more well respected execs and finally started showing off a device at a few trade shows. However, just as people started to admit they might have been wrong about Infinium being a scam, the company decided to waste time and money suing a website that had written up details about why the company was likely to be a scam. Even though this article had been written months earlier, and had mostly been forgotten, by suing the site, Infinium brought a lot of new scrutiny on themselves from people who searched out and read the article. If there ever really was a device, perhaps they should have spent more time finishing it off rather then suing random websites, as Broadband Reports is now saying that Infinium is out of money.

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