New Loophole In Do Not Call For Recorded Telemarketing Efforts?

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It looks like some privacy groups are raising a stink over a proposed change to the FTC’s rules on telemarketing, allowing telemarketing calls if they’re pre-recorded, but only for companies who already have a relationship with whoever it is they’re calling. The FTC says that people are making a bigger story out of this then it really is, because all they’re really doing is trying to line up their own “Do Not Call” rules with the FCC’s “Do Not Call” rules — which already allows these sorts of pre-recorded messages. Unfortunately, the idea of a “pre-existing relationship” can be quite vague, and you can be sure that some telemarketers would interpret it quite broadly. Still, this discussion could use a few more details before it’s worth getting too worked up about it. A simple solution is just to make it clear that such messages are only allowed if the person specifically agrees to receive such messages, and not just because of any relationship.

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Comments on “New Loophole In Do Not Call For Recorded Telemarketing Efforts?”

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Griffon says:

What is the definition?

I’m wondering what the definition really is of “preexisting relationship”? Basically if they don’t have a signed and notarized statement in writing giving permission to annoy the hell out of you they shouldn’t be allowed to call you at all. but maybe that is just me.
Most of these companies seem to to think seeing your number on bathroom wall gives them them that relationship and they will ring any number they see including cel phones which is expressly forbidden.

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Re: What is the definition?

Have you ever seen those cardboard boxes by a cash register where you can sign up for a free month at a local gym?

Ever walked through a mall/store and been asked to sign up to win free windows/doors/siding for your house?

All those contest slips that get filled out are invitations for companies to call and harass you. What’s scary is that you might expect a call from a gym, but you won’t expect a call from all their “business and strategic aligned partners” with whom they share their list.

I started getting calls on a new, unlisted number and asked how they got my name/number. They told me that I had registered to win a free car and the fine print gave them permission to call as well as sell my name/number.

I called my mother and found out that as a courtesy, she made it a point to sign up all of her kids every time she was asked to enter a drawing – gee, thanks, Mom!

David Dedig Jr. says:

A well thought out Rebuttal to anti-telemarketing

All of you bitches are fucking retarded. How do you think business is done in America. If it wasn’t for my telemarketing efforts exactly 25 people would be paying tens of thousands of dollars more for their manufactured homes than they deserved to pay. You people think cutting yourself off from the market place is a good idea? Build that wall and opportunities will pass you buy. I can understand, though, if you are simply too unintelligent to listen to a business proposal and make a sound desicion. Saying “no thank you” and hanging up is not that hard .

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