by Mike Masnick

Still Trying With Self-Destructing DVDs

from the nice-try dept

What is it that makes companies keep banging their head against the same wall? Circuit City tried self destructing DVDs in 1999 -- and that quickly failed. Other companies tried similar solutions that quickly faded from the market. Last year, the space got a lot more attention when Disney suddenly re-entered the market -- though, many wondered what they were thinking. Despite weak attempts to suggest otherwise, the Disney experiment failed miserably with stores quickly removed them from shelves after they discovered that no one wanted them. By this point, you'd think that everyone would have gotten the message. Not so. The Associated Press notes that some independent film is trying to generate buzz by releasing their DVD on self-destructing DVDs. Yes, they think it will get them more attention for making DVDs much less useful and much more confusing.

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    Dan, 13 Nov 2004 @ 5:32pm

    Its Working

    Well, I guess it's working as here is the buzz that they were hoping for. Lets see if they get any more or not.

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    Jason Scott, 14 Nov 2004 @ 8:46pm

    Not Independent

    Maybe I'm just getting old. Go look at the IMDB entry for this film. And tell me how a film with Alan Arkin, Penelope Cruz, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, Chazz Palminteri (as actor and director) and with music by Alan Menken counts as an "independent film". Sure, the production company is not a film studio, but it was immediately picked up for distribution world wide by some old hands. This is Chazz Palminteri's vanity project, and made with pure Hollywood money.

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    Mike Schleif, 15 Nov 2004 @ 10:01am

    and blobkbuster is talking about trying it

    my local blockbuster store manager said they are going to start selling disapppearing dvds instead of renting soon using some new tech that he thought they made up, what i bad idea when will they ever learn!?

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