Say That Again

by Mike Masnick

Hilary Rosen Suddenly Understands Creative Commons

from the took-a-while... dept

Slashdot notes that Hilary Rosen, now that she's no longer in charge of the RIAA, has suddenly found the time to find out what Larry Lessig's Creative Commons is all about and decided that, it's really not such a bad thing after all. This is what's scary. Many people supporting Creative Commons and other views on business models for the recording industry have been trying to clearly explain how these things can help the industry, and repeatedly the industry refuses to listen -- assuming that the only people who are suggesting changes are simply trying to destroy the industry. So now, quite some time after she's out of the office where she should have actually listened to what was being said, she suddenly realizes that it's not so bad, after all (though, some of her statements aren't exactly a ringing endorsement of the idea).

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    Concerned parent, 27 Oct 2004 @ 7:20am

    Hilary's public lament

    Sounds more like she's found herself outside the castle walls, smells money in the new digital world and is looking for a job.

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    thecaptain, 27 Oct 2004 @ 11:39am

    No Subject Given

    these people aren't stupid (unfortunately) and Ms Rosen is included in that. There is no doubt that they comprehend QUITE well the ideas put forward outside the RIAA on these topics but:

    1 - They would make less money.

    Yes. There would still be opportunity to make SOME money...but less of it and they would have to work more, change paradigm etc. Why should they, if they play dumb, they can continue raking in the dough as long as we let them (which seems to be a really long time).

    2 - They have NO NEED to change.

    Its easier for them to step up the rhetoric, buy politicians and co-opt law enforcement than it is to redesign their business. While their downfall IS inevitable, it is by no means happening in the short term, the goal of the people in charge is to keep it going as long as possible while they are in charge...the second their situation/business model/practices becomes how smart their chairperson will be in "getting" all the new ideas and turning their business around.

    So you can have the most brilliant arguments put forward in such a way that a precocious 6 year old would understand and they will always deny deny deny and play dumb, because frankly, that's where the money is.

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