by Mike Masnick

Phone Repair Shops Preying On Hyped Up Phone Virus Scare

from the nice-try... dept

There have been a bunch of completely overhyped stories lately about various mobile phone viruses that weren't really viruses at all. Combined with a spam marketing campaign designed to scare people into thinking they had a mobile virus, and it's no wonder that many people are a bit on edge about mobile viruses. Partly to blame for all of this is the anti-virus companies who have been talking up each "discovery" to keep people in fear -- even if there is no real problem. However, now, to clean up a mess of their own making, some anti-virus companies are trying to warn users not to fall for "virus removal services" at mobile phone stores. They point out that, in the incredibly unlikely event that you actually got a mobile "virus" like Caribe, it's so easy to uninstall that you shouldn't need to pay anyone to do it.

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