by Mike Masnick

Yahoo Buys Oddpost In A Gmail-Inspired Moment

from the surprise-surprise dept

So, we actually heard about this a couple weeks ago, when someone (who knew) passed on the fact that Yahoo had bought Oddpost in an attempt to fight back against the Gmail craze. Now, though, the deal is official, so it's okay to talk about it (though it had been hinted at earlier this week). It's really not that surprising, after all. Yahoo knew they needed to upgrade their email, and Oddpost has a great reputation for their interface. You can be sure that Yahoo wasn't the only company sniffing around and debating whether or not to buy up Oddpost. While it's probably not going to be the lead in most stories, it is quite interesting that one of Oddpost's nicer features is an integrated RSS reader. Yahoo keeps talking up the power of RSS, and perhaps this will allow them to make a bigger commitment. However, in all likelihood, it was just the mail interface that fascinated them. It seems like a good move by Yahoo who needed to do something.

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    Bryan Price, 9 Jul 2004 @ 9:00pm

    Yahoo has working email?

    I've been trying for weeks to get my Yahoo! mail working. It doesn't. I've asked them to reset it, which they said they could. If they have, it hasn't fixed it. I still get an error about temporary problems. And they closed the case on it. I guess I should just keep opening up the case, and see if somebody gets the hint.

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  • identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 10 Jul 2004 @ 1:29am


    Any info on the acquisition price?

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