Technologies Threatened By INDUCE Act

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Ernest Miller writes “Techdirt has called the INDUCE Actbroad and ridiculously dangerous” and claimed that “it would be disastrous for the tech industry.” Both these claims are correct. To prove them, I’ve started a new feature on The Importance Of… called Hatch’s Hit List. Every weekday I will endeavor to provide an example of technologies and devices that are threatened to be killed or crippled by the INDUCE Act. I welcome suggestions for examples from Techdirt readers. “

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Comments on “Technologies Threatened By INDUCE Act”

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Kevin Robb says:


I challenge all record companies, particularly those belonging to the RIAA, to publicly open their books for srutiny or shut up.
All we hear is statistics and figures bandied around with no real proof of anything that lot have to say.
I suspect that the royalties paid out are to a handfull of writers and musicians. The majority never recieve a penny. Most are lucky if they don’t receive bills for production and distribution costs.
The RIAA know the royalty argument will not stand up to such scrutiny but they can’t quite say to the public that the whole argument is about controlling distribution.
Whoever controls distribution, controls the artists, content, retailing and to a degree broadcasting. The net poses the biggest threat to that distribution control.

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