Prince Not Done With The Net Yet

from the red-herrings dept

Last week we noted that the musician Prince, who had spent a lot of time over the last few years experimenting with internet based business models for his music was returning to more traditional distribution for his next album. Turns out he hasn't given up on the internet at all however. He's about to launch his own download store for all of the music he has the rights to. Anyone can download the tracks for the going rate of $0.99 a song, or they can get a discount if they're a member of his online fan club (which gives them access to unreleased songs, concert tickets, and other benefits). While I still think it would make more sense to give away the music for free to encourage more people to join the club, it's still good to see a musician really experimenting with business models, rather than whining about how 12-year-olds are stealing their music.

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