Microsoft To Buy Disney?

from the yeah,-right dept

Friday afternoon merger speculation... As everyone waits to hear who really is bidding on AT&T Wireless, another story is popping up wondering if Microsoft might come in and make a bid on Disney, now that Comcast has put Disney (involuntarily) in play. While it wouldn't be a surprise if others made offers on Disney, and Microsoft could easily afford them, I don't think Microsoft would dare do such a deal. I think they're smart enough to know that it would have a very high likelihood of causing more problems than it helped them solve. It would definitely take them off of their current focus, and they've shown no inclination to do that. Besides, as the article points out, Microsoft already own 7.4% of Comcast, and would own 4% of Disney should that deal go through - giving them plenty of influence. In other words... there's really nothing to this story other than idle speculation on a Friday afternoon.

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    aa, 13 Feb 2004 @ 9:08pm


    Mike, I appreciated your previous article in April 2003 on HOP-ON. Since their previous CEO has been booted, it seems like things might have turned around. Investors of HPON would greatly appreciate a new opinion from you. Thanks.

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    Michael Moncur, 15 Feb 2004 @ 3:18am

    I hope this happens

    ...for the possibility of "Mickey Mouse" jokes alone.

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    Anonymous Coward, 16 Feb 2004 @ 7:01am

    No Subject Given

    No reason for it not to happen. Mr. Softie might consider becoming a conglomerate with separate business units which operate independant of each other. GE and others have been fairly successful at this and at the same time using the opportunities where they exist to enhance each business. By owning Disney (ABC), they could do more marketing at a lesser cost (think GE and NBC) and with EPSN alone, reach lots and lots of households with the most popular demographic (young male) to push their software and X-box vision as well as other new technology areas they continue to explore.

    Nope, not far fetched at all though Bill G would have a hard time, initially, get shareholders to understand the logic.

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