by Mike Masnick

Marketers Looking For New Ways To Annoy You

from the haven't-found-enough-yet dept

It's easy to trash "marketers", but marketing does serve a very useful purpose - if done well. The real point of marketing is to actually understand what a market wants and needs and then design a product to answer that want or need. Unfortunately, that actually takes some work, so many bad and lazy marketers have dumbed the profession down to "annoy as many people as possible in as intrusive a way as possible, so that they'll buy this useless gizmo that no one wanted in the first place." So, now that the government is trying (not particularly well, of course) to cut down on some of this annoying and intrusive marketing, do the bad marketers get the message that maybe (just maybe) annoying the heck out of everyone isn't the best way to go about their jobs? Nope. Instead, they spend what little effort they can bother to spend looking for new, more annoying, more intrusive ways to bug us all - often by tricking people into "agreeing" to receive their messages. Wonderful.

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