by Mike Masnick

Recording Industry Will Send Extortion Note Before Lawsuit Next Time

from the small-relief dept

Well, the end result of today's Senate hearings on the RIAA's scare tactics has pulled one small non-concession out of the RIAA. From now on, before they sue 12-year-old girls and grandmothers who have no clue what Kazaa is, they'll first send them a threatening letter telling them to pay up or else. If they don't pay up, then they'll file the lawsuit. This isn't really any different than it is now, other than the fact that they've reversed the order of the nasty extortion note and the actual lawsuit. It actually will probably work out better for the RIAA, because it will also prevent them from actually filing bad publicity generating lawsuits against certain people.

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    Chuck Talk, 30 Sep 2003 @ 10:53pm

    Boycott the RIAA - the only reasonable answer

    Umm... so extortion is now legal how? These guys are going to kill their own business. Let then sue more people and threaten them. Boycott them. The artists don't get your money - the labels do.

    That's the reality of it all.

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    • identicon
      AMetamorphosis, 1 Oct 2003 @ 8:10am

      How to help Boycott the RIAA ...

      I know I've posted this previously ( sorry Mike ) , but obviously there are some visitors to this website that " might " benefit by finding how how they can help to stop this problem.

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