California Decides To Regulate Vonage

from the backwards-move dept

And you thought that California was a technically advanced state, and only confused states in the middle of the country would mistake a VoIP service like Vonage for an actual phone company. Not quite. California has now announced that, because it passes the oh-so-scientific “smells like a duck, quacks like a duck” test, VoIP systems like Vonage must apply for telephone operator licenses in the state. This is, of course, backwards thinking – trying to fit today’s technology into yesterday’s laws just to help cover the state’s massive budget deficit. Next thing you know, you won’t be able to use things like iChat or Skype without first paying the state of California.

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Comments on “California Decides To Regulate Vonage”

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Wayne says:

Consider this

Vonage allows calls to folks with regular phones, which means they need point-of-presence equipment in IXC’s , or at least pay for their use. So yes – they use the existing telecom infrastructure in some form in addition to vonage to vonage calls strictly over net. So they must be considered a phone company.

anon says:

Re: Consider this

So its the Old Tax EVERY THING even if some of it does no go over the phone lines.
I see, your one of the morons who believes the music industry should get paid every time you buy a blank CD even if you are using if for data storage.
Isn’t this one of the reasons we succeed from England. You do remember the Boston tea party dont you?

Anonymous Coward says:


Agreed (with Anon@12:45pm)

Why don’t we just allow the Gommnit to tax everything. Here’s one: lets tax all sales. Then if I decide to sell my care that I already paid sales tax on and I make more than $10,000 I have to give the g’mint 8.5% of that. And if the guy I sell my car to sells it again, he has to pay the g’mint again, and so on. Oh! In California we already do that. I guess we all just really work the for Government.

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