by Mike Masnick

Gateway Unfolds PC-To-Electronics Plan

from the no-big-surprise-there dept

This probably isn't that big of a surprise, but Gateway, in their struggles to find relevance have been increasinlgy made moves that show they want to be Apple of the PC world - expanding beyond just PCs into the consumer electronics/"digital lifestyle" world. Of course, Sony already has some claim to that role. Gateway's latest announcement makes that strategy clear. Given the position they're in, this makes sense. However, there's still a huge uphill battle for them to deal with in terms of execution. Convincing people to buy consumer electronics products from Gateway may still be a stretch. Their big pitch appears to be that all the products they sell will work well together. That might convince some, but in an era of open standards, most people pretty much expect any set of consumer electronics products to work well together (even if they don't in practice).

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    Anonymous Coward, 9 May 2003 @ 6:41am

    No Subject Given

    On their way much faster to becoming an 'also ran'. Most folks just don't buy everything from the same source unless it's simple the best (or dirt cheapest) product available.

    Tween the lose of identity, the cost of changing to a electronics company, and the costs of training and supporting on the new equipments, that 'quick return to profitability ain't gonna happen.

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    Snipes, 14 Dec 2005 @ 9:49am

    Gateway Plasma's

    I sell/install plasma's & home theaters all day long. Like you said "You get what you pay for" what a bunch of garbage that stuff is. I wouldn't sell you one if you begged me. Some people are so cheap they deserve to get stuck with one.

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